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Shopped till we dropped (India Part 4)

Howdy Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in updates. The nerve of PPD....they make me work so hard throughout the day that I fall asleep by 9pm every night. How the heck do they expect me to give silly updates to family and friends that way? I just might have to submit a complaint, I don't know.

OK so where was I? Shopped till we dropped...... I

think that I must have picked up the wrong bags at the airport when I arrived on the 16th, because apparently the venders think I'm Ms. Money Bags, when I'm really Ms. Bills Bags.

We hired a driver for the day last Sunday to take us shopping and touring (it's less than $40 to hire a driver for the day around here). So he takes us to this shop like 10 minutes into the journey. We think, "Cool! We can get the day started with some browsing and then decided what we want to purchase as the day goes on." Silly, Silly, naive tourists we were.

First off, I don't think, "I'm just looking," translates very well to the Indian population. Also, I don't think, "No," translates well, either. When I got here, I was told that the Indian venders are worse than those in Mexico. Well, someone should have told me to run down to Mexico before this trip so that I could prep myself for what was to come. I was blind sided.

I thought, I'd like to get a few trinkets for people, maybe check on getting a scarf or two. By the time I walked out of that little shop, I was dazed, confused, and a couple hundred lighter. I started off looking at the wood carvings, then I made the mistake of asking about a Cashmere scarf. The guy pulled down half of the shop to set on the counter for me to chose from. I asked how much the 100% Cashmere was and he gave me a price that was the equivalent to $210. I said no thanks. Usually, this would end the discussion, but no. He proceeded to tell me that since I was his first customer of the day that he wanted to work with me. ("Give me a chance" was his favorite phrase all morning.) He also kept saying over and over how he wanted to give me a good deal because he wanted me to keep coming back. I told him that I appreciated what he was saying but that I would not pay $210 for a shawl. Then, he wanted me to come upstairs. I thought I was going to see more material. He had me sit at this counter and proceeded to start showing me jewelry pieces. He made me decide what style I liked while I kept telling him that I wasn't buying jewelry. I had to finally tell him, "Do you see any jewelry on me?" Thankfully, he got the hint and put the jewels away. I thought we were headed back downstairs...but no. He took me to the Persian rug area. I told him that I didn't need a rug. Then he started pulling out dining room table runners and placemats. I told him that I didn't even have a dining room table at the moment. I told him that the merchandise was great, but there was only so much money in my bank account and that no matter how great he did on his sales pitch, my bank card would not allow me to purchase jewelry, Persian rugs, dining room table runners, or 100% Cashmere! He hung his head as though I had just told him there was no Santa Claus.

But 2 seconds later....

I got suckered and bought a bedspread. It's really nice, though!! It's a silk, hand-woven, duvet cover. I talked him way down on the price. I thought I was the rock star of haggling!

And then.....

he suckers me into a couple of more scarves and a wooden carving, so I think he really won that round.

I walked downstairs and Gay, my co-worker, looked at me and shook her head. We each looked like we had been hit by a bus called The Indian Salesman. She walked out just as light in the pocket-book as I did. It was sad because we had shopped for 1 hour and already the money was done for the day.

Silly, silly, naive American tourists!!! *tisk* *tisk*

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