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Dr. Mya Angelou


I just saw Ms. Mya Angelou at breakfast!!!!! She was sitting 2 tables down. She asked a man for his paper when he was leaving. He only had the sports section. So, I got up and gave her my paper. She said, "You know... I was on the cover yesterday." I said something lame like, "I thought I recognized you. Hope you enjoy your breakfast."

Then I called my co-worker, Ericka, several times to hurry her butt down to breakfast! After several minutes, she came down. Then she was too scared to go talk to her. As we were leaving, I stopped back by and said, "So...did you enjoy your breakfast?" She said, "Yes and thank you again for the paper." I then told her that my friend loved her but was nervious to talk to her. So, Ms. Angelou proceeded to reach for Ericka’s hand and ask her name. Then she shook my hand and asked my name and introduced us to her assistant. It was brief, but sooo cool!!! I love my job!!!

And this is, my dear friend, Ericka's account of the situation.... (she's much more eloquent than me)

As you know I travel and in my short stint I have met many-a celebrities. I met or saw the Black Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson & the comedian Steve Harvey. My colleagues have had the honor of sitting in first class with reporter Lisa Ling and actress Olivia Newton John. Today was the ultimate celebrity sighting. This morning I get a frantic call from my colleague, who calmly instructed me to "get my butt to breakfast". Me, being a diva, needing to take her time, HAD to be fashionably late. When I finally did arrive, to my surprise and two tables away from me, sat THE phenomenal woman herself..... Maya Angelou. I was immediately a nervous wreck.

My colleague was beaming because she gave her a newspaper. Then went into detail about her exchange with the legend and how it was that she came to sacrifice her morning periodical. It was an excellent story: Some guy only had the Sports section and Ms. Angelou had wanted the full paper. So Lori (Ms. Do Gooder, herself) sprang from her seat and was overjoyed to oblige (slight exaggeration, but this is how it transpired... kinda). There were words...Ms. Angelou then told Lori that she was on the cover of the paper the other day and lori replied jokingly... "Ahhh.... I thought you looked familiar". So now that Lori & Ms. Angelou were BFF, Lori felt then need to get me in on their BFF circle. Again I repeat... I was a nervous wreck!

I was afraid to approach the idol out of fear that I would go into the ugly cry (and I could feel it was coming on). So I just sat there, catatonic, hands folded, big smile and stared at her like a stalker. (Because apparently doing THAT is very normal). I even saw her look up at me. But she had the ’uhh ohh’ look. I know that I looked like a loon and she most likely took that as an opportunity alert her assistant to call security. But I didn’t care (lies, all lies... I was so embarrassed that I was not only two tables from a legend, but the legend saw me looking like a complete idiot and now that thought of me is what would be ingrained into her mind) I refused to go over and tell her how much I loved her or or say a normal "hi" because I thought I would choke on my words (and I probably already scared her). Instead, my colleague, AGAINST my wishes, went over and told her for me. Then, Ms. Angelou extended her hand and took mine. She smiled and asked me for my full name and repeated it. And was pleased to meet ME! I know this is silly giving the play by play of the interaction, but I just wanted to boast a little about the fact that I met the most phenomenal woman on the planet, who then shook MY hand, heard MY name, from MY mouth AND repeatd MY name to ME..... as if she was about to compose a poem about the wonderment that is me. I MET MAYA ANGELOU TODAY IN CHICAGO.... SHE SAID MY NAME... WE’RE BFF!

And that, my dear friends and family, only proves without a reasonable doubt that I AM phenomenal too....

"I say
It’s in the arch of my back
The sun of my smile
The ride of my breasts
The grace of my style.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman
That’s me."

So there......he, he :)

Posted by Lori V 21:20 Archived in USA

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