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I Want to Be a Part of it. New York, New York

Jane Goes to the Big Apple


Well, I'm in New York with my mom, Jane. It was a challenge getting her here since she gets quite anxious about plane rides. I got a call every day for the last week or two leading up to the trip with a new excuse as to why she shouldn`t go, but I wouldn`t let her back out. It was time for her to break out of the house and see the world.

After a bumpy landing that I got in trouble for (she said I was supposed to warn her that it would be a hard bump, but I thought, "Here we go!" was a good enough warning since we could see the runway from the window), we made our way to the shuttle van. The seat belts didn't work in the back seat. She was glad that they didn't because she didn't want another confining belt at the time. I told her, "You are going to be wishing you had one, later." Again, she got onto me for not warning her about New York drivers. I thought I had warned her enough! Moral of the story... be specific in warnings with an anxious mama! She nearly had a nervous breakdown during the ride to the hotel. I told her and another passenger told her that this type of driving is normal in the city. She didn't care if it was normal, she just wanted the driver to stop already!

Last night, she experienced her first Broadway play. We went to see Les Miserables. It was awesome. At first, I didn't know if she was enjoying it because the seats were small and cramped. She has some joint issues and wasn't sure if she was going to be able to get out of the seat at the end of the play. The end came and she was able to stand...slowly but surely. I asked how she liked it. She said it was bad. Bad? Yep, because now she is going to want to be spending money on shows a lot more. She couldn't believe the amount of talent that was on the stage. She was amazed and now wants to see another one today! Unfortunately, my bank account can't take another show, right now.

If you ever get an opportunity to see Les Mis, do it. It is an amazing show and a very touching story. Makes you want to go out and change the world.

Now, we are off to do a New York Sightseeing Tour. It should be a long, but entertaining day. It's really cool to see someone's first reaction to things like Time Square and the Empire State Building. I saw that there is a new World Trade Center Tribute Center and we will try to make it there, too. The forcast is rain, so the pictures won't be great, but hopefully it won't spoil the fun!

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Across Canada in ??? Days - Part 4 and 5

Captain's Log (OK...I'm silly, but I'm not a Trekkie!!!) April 15th - Saint John, NB


Today was pretty much a wash. I left the room, had lunch and spent an hour or so watching the Reversing Falls and all the wildlife in the area.

The Reversing Falls is an area in Saint John where the current of the rivers flowing into the ocean and the high tide fight. Twice a day, currents reverse directions. Since this area has the highest tides in the world, the ocean level rises 16 feet twice a day. When it does, these waters beat the currents coming from the rivers and the current goes upstream for a while. When all of this is happening, there are certain times when there are really big rapids. It`s kind of neat...but I really had fun watching the birds and the seals. I guess when the currents change, it stirs up a lot of fish and critters. The birds and seals love it and go crazy feeding during this time. There were times when these little black birds would catch a fish and then a bunch of seagulls would swoop down and start fights. Those poor little black birds got beat most of the time, but they kept after it.

Then, I starting getting really cold and had to take it inside for the rest of the day because the rain caught up to me.

Captain's Log - April 16th - Saint John, NB

Still really yucky outside, but I was bound and determined to get out of this room. I had major cabin fever. I got in the car and drove around for several hours. It`s kind of cool just driving...I found my boundaries/points of reference and just went. I had no idea where I was most of the time, but I got some really good views of the water. Too bad it was so gloomy outside because I could have had some really awesome pictures.

When I got back to the room, I watched what is now my favorite movie of the year....Finding Neverland. I loved it. That is definitely a recommendation from me! Johnny Depp was great, Kate Winslet was her wonderful self, and the little boys...you just fall in love with them. I loved the symbolism that filled the movie, especially when they mentioned that the clock ticking in the croc`s belly is like time trying to always catch up with us. Anyway, I could ramble on and on about it, but you will have to see it. Don't forget the tissues, though!

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Across Canada in ??? Days - Part 3

Captain`s Log April 14th - Toronto, ON ---> Saint John, NB


It was raining again today. It looks like the icky weather is going to be following me the entire trip.

On the flight, I had to ask the flight attendant for a Coke. I had to repeat it 3 times, then she told me that I had a pretty accent. I didn`t realize that I could sound Texan by just asking for a drink. I guess I can`t escape my roots!

Flying over Quebec, we saw snow all over the ground. At least I didn`t have to drive through that.

I arrived in Saint John and they were so small that there was only one baggage carousel. I walked up to the rental car place and the lady said, "Are you Lori?" Now, that`s service!

It seems to be a cool little town. It`s a cross between a fishing community and a tourist place. It also has a very old feel to it. I think the city was the first incorporated city in Canada back over 400 years ago. People used to come here kind of like Ellis Island in New York. It saw the migration of the America British Loyalists after the American Revolution, the Irish during the potato famines and the Acadians (don`t ask me about them since I`m not quite sure).

There is something about the coast mixed with hills and cliffs that gets me everytime. I just love it. This evening I sat out on one of the cliffs for around an hour just taking pictures and watching the sunset. Too bad I don`t have one of those high tech cameras because those would have been some beautiful pictures!

Then, I went and had real Lobster, not just the little pieces I had in the past. I have to admit that it was a bit intimidating being served the whole thing on a plate, eyes still staring at me and all! I have no idea if I even ate it correctly, but it was definitely yummy!!! It better have been since it was $30!!!

I`m staying at the Hilton on the Harbour. I have a room with a view of the water. It`s pretty cool, but the bed isn`t great. Although it is pretty cool being a modified Murphy bed.

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Across Canada in ??? Days - Part 2

Captain's Log April 13th - London, ON ---> Toronto, ON

I had two site visits today for work. I had to practically fly down the road because I ran so late in my 1st meeting. On Yahoo, it mapped the trip from London to Toronto at 2hrs 25min. I made it in under 2hrs. And I was still 15 minutes late! Fortunately, they had forgotten I was coming so they never even realized I was late.

I got to the Hilton by around 5:30pm. It would have been a lot quicker, but I kept getting stuck behind delivery trucks double parking! Also, no one told me that Toronto has some roads that have all white stripes with 2 way traffic on it. Depending on the day, the middle lane may go north or south. You have to look at the electronic signs above the lanes to see if you have a check or an X. Unfortunately, I was in that middle lane when it switched over to that system and I had an X. Talk about freaking out when I saw a car coming right at me and then me realizing that all the lines are white and me not having a clue which way to go. I was yelling in the car...where is the yellow line??? where is the yellow line??? Fortunately, I managed to get into the right lane without bodily injury!

After getting settled, I walked around downtown for a few hours. There was a cool street, Queen Street, where I spent most of my time. That street had a New York City feel.

Then I went to an IMAX movie, V for Vendetta. That was a very thought-provoking movie. It spoke of anarchy and people fighting to regain the freedoms that were taken away from them in the name of keeping them safe. It made me think of the documentary I just watched on the 9/11 event called "Loose Change." It is all very interesting, although I have no idea if any of the conspiracy theories are true.

Anyway, then I got a slice of pizza from a shop on the street and took it back to my hotel and ate while looking at the the nice view of the city from 21 stories up.

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Across Canada in ???? Days - Part 1

Captain's Log April 12th - Toronto, ON ---> London, ON


I flew into Toronto and, man was that a bumpy flight! I'm glad I took Dramamine before hand. You know it's going to be a long day when the gate attendants announce several times that there will be no drink service and to go to the bathroom now because they weren't letting us up!!

I got a rental car, a red Grand Prix with the navigation system. That NeverLost system rocks!!! It was raining, so it would have been a nightmare to find my way in a foreign city without it. I just listened to the navigator voice and made my way to London, ON. It was really weird with everything being in Kilometers. I kept having to convert it to miles so I could figure out how fast I was really going.

The city of London was a little smaller than Austin. The homes were cute...wooden with tall peaks. It looked like an old community. The roads were bad, though. Actually, the roads are bad all over Canada, I hear. My trainer said that Canada has 2 seasons...Winter and Road Construction!

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